Monday, February 6, 2012

No Information

 Hopefully there is someone out there that can give me the answer I seek on this gorgeous cup!
I have searched the web , Ebay and Etsy and have come up empty handed  on any information on this cup.
I found this at our local Good Will and I fell in love with the blue color and flower motif . This cup is extremely light weight.
The foil sticker has no info on it the capital N and the #222 give me no clues!
 There are no cracks , chips or crazing noted.
Doesn't appear to have been used, there are no stains in the cup.
On the bottom there is a small rust like area.
So as you have guessed I do not even begin to have a age  to work with.
I would like to list this in my Vintage Etsy shop but I really need to have a bit more information.

So any ideas, opinions would be greatly appreciated. 

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