Monday, February 6, 2012

Ollie & Audrey
These are my two little girls.Ollie is the newest addition to our family ( the white one )she is this soft fluff ball of love! 
My oldest daughter Tara talked me into taking her and I felt like Audrey needed a playmate other than Joe our cat.
It was very hard at first for Audrey because she is extremely spoiled but it was a nice friendship and they are sisters. I got the bigger nesting bed for them because they like to lay by each other. Audrey won't be getting much bigger. Isn't that the cutest picture ever!
Having a bit of a time getting Ollie used to the leash, but she is still young and Audrey was broke to the leash in the summer so it was easier.
Pom's have so much personality and they are an endless supply of love and kisses!

New Listings

Shawnee Pottery


Inarco Japan
Just a couple of new listings in my Vintage Etsy Shop . Please check them out. I feel very lucky to have
found these beautiful pottery specimens. They do not have any cracks or chips .The Shawnee piece does
have some crazing but not enough to take away the beauty of this vintage find!

No Information

 Hopefully there is someone out there that can give me the answer I seek on this gorgeous cup!
I have searched the web , Ebay and Etsy and have come up empty handed  on any information on this cup.
I found this at our local Good Will and I fell in love with the blue color and flower motif . This cup is extremely light weight.
The foil sticker has no info on it the capital N and the #222 give me no clues!
 There are no cracks , chips or crazing noted.
Doesn't appear to have been used, there are no stains in the cup.
On the bottom there is a small rust like area.
So as you have guessed I do not even begin to have a age  to work with.
I would like to list this in my Vintage Etsy shop but I really need to have a bit more information.

So any ideas, opinions would be greatly appreciated. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year New Start

It's January 15th and I just now feel like it is the first of January! Mentally and physically I have been in this huge slump. Sitting here today looking at my tree that is still up and all the holiday decor off my butt!

As you can see I have a shop on Etsy..... " Madilyns " Well to start off this year I decided to move my hand made jewelry and home decor items to another shop and keep " Madilyns " Vintage !

I belong to a Etsy team " Integrity of Vintage "
What a honor it is to be associated with such a great team. You can find true Vintage items from all members shops. There is extreme support and camaraderie ( I did spell check ??? ) So please do a search of all items ivteam and you will find all vintage wonderful items.

Well gotta go for now...but I will be back !

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Big Black Mouse

I took these pictures within 5 min. of each other and look at the bigger mess! My mouse is Audrey my little baby pom.

She has been very busy this past week. She built a nest ( yes I said nest ) in my bedroom in front of the closet door. There she takes toys, cheese and shoes . If you have lost something that's the place to go! Get this... she will not leave my bra's alone. Every time I get ready for bed here she comes dragging my bra to the dining room to chew on!But as frustrating as she can be I really love her. In a few (3 ) months all the children that live here are moving into their own homes :( My house will go from 10 people to just 2 , my husband and I. That is going to be very difficult for me. My youngest daughter has never left home and has raised her 2 girls here for 8 years and her little boy for 1 year. But they need to start their life with their dad who has now been back for almost a year ...hum :( And my middle child and her husband and their cute little red head Madi have lived here for 3 or so years..they are getting back on their feet and need their own home again :( Well enough of this talk :(

So now you know why Miss Audrey is so important to me.

I just wanted to share my black mouse story with you...I hope you enjoy!

Just a few before bed thoughts, Eva

Monday, June 20, 2011


This is my precious little baby Audrey. Isn't she the most gorgeous pomeranian you have ever seen? I know that this is not a very good picture of her but I wanted to let you get a look see at her. I have only had her since Saturday but she has already bonded with me. She whines when I leave the room and is very content to sit on my lap all day and evening. I go to work tomorrow so she will go to my daughter Tara's house till I get home. Did I mention that Tara was the one who gave her to me. At Tara's house she was a escape artist. She literally climbed the fence to get out. I will let you know the reason why she is so important to me later.

Wondering what that white dish is? This is her water bowl in my out door space. I love it!

Well this is just a few thoughts before bed, Eva

Out Door Space is Done

Here are some of the items that I picked up in Junction total cost was around $6. This is a old radio cabinet that I have had in storage for several years just waiting to be used.I painted this a really nice blue. We mixed 2 colors together to get this tint. I really love how it turned out.

The pink items in this picture were old black light fixtures my husband salvaged 4 years ago from a old camper he tore down.

The 2 white chairs are waiting for their new covers that are yet to be made The chair in the corner my daughter Jamie gave to me 7 years ago. It too has been in storage. I will take some close up pictures at a later date.

Well this is it. I know to some this is " What in the world have you done " but I really enjoyed putting this together. It is so comfortable to hang out under... yes even in the rain!