Sunday, June 19, 2011

Didn't' Do a Darn Thing Today

Well I did not get much done today. The wind was chilly and it sprinkled off and on most the day.

I did manage to paint a table but I have to sand the top and re-paint it later this week. I purchased 2 solar light stakes for outside by my outdoor space. They are really bright so I am glad I got them. We lost our porch light awhile back when the wind slammed the storm door into it several times. No sense in replacing it till we turn the door around ( you know what I mean ) like that will happen anytime soon, NOT.

Well I need to take my new addition to our family Audry ( little Pom ) out before bed to let her hopefully do her business. I will tell you all about her later.

Just a few before bed time thoughts, Eva

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