Monday, June 20, 2011


This is my precious little baby Audrey. Isn't she the most gorgeous pomeranian you have ever seen? I know that this is not a very good picture of her but I wanted to let you get a look see at her. I have only had her since Saturday but she has already bonded with me. She whines when I leave the room and is very content to sit on my lap all day and evening. I go to work tomorrow so she will go to my daughter Tara's house till I get home. Did I mention that Tara was the one who gave her to me. At Tara's house she was a escape artist. She literally climbed the fence to get out. I will let you know the reason why she is so important to me later.

Wondering what that white dish is? This is her water bowl in my out door space. I love it!

Well this is just a few thoughts before bed, Eva


  1. That is one adorable dog!! She looks so lovely!!
    I also love the white dish :)

  2. Your little Eva is so adorable and I know you love cuddling with her.

    Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog. I'm now following you too. I'm sure we will get to know each other much better.


  3. I'm so happy i'm not the only one who dotes on her kids!! Precious baby!