Monday, February 6, 2012

Ollie & Audrey
These are my two little girls.Ollie is the newest addition to our family ( the white one )she is this soft fluff ball of love! 
My oldest daughter Tara talked me into taking her and I felt like Audrey needed a playmate other than Joe our cat.
It was very hard at first for Audrey because she is extremely spoiled but it was a nice friendship and they are sisters. I got the bigger nesting bed for them because they like to lay by each other. Audrey won't be getting much bigger. Isn't that the cutest picture ever!
Having a bit of a time getting Ollie used to the leash, but she is still young and Audrey was broke to the leash in the summer so it was easier.
Pom's have so much personality and they are an endless supply of love and kisses!

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  1. What darling fur babies you have....I have two also and love them dearly. Nice blog.